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Unfortunately for homeowners who live in damp areas, damp and dry rot can cause major problems to the structure of a home and make it dangerous for families to remain in their houses. If you have damp or dry rot in your home, then is important to begin damp treatment in Thirsk right away to ensure the safety of your house.


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Our professionals at North Yorkshire Remedials can make sure that your basement is not damp and negatively affecting the structure of your home by turning it into a usable space that your family will love. Through our damp proof tanking services, we are able to provide you with more living space and keep your home dry. Our professionals can quickly and easily transform your basement into living space that your family will love.

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No matter what type of treatment you need your home, from damp proofing to dry rot treatment in Thirsk, our professionals can help. We specialise in removing mildew and mould as well as clearing out wood worms and damp proofing walls in Thirsk. Because we’re full service, you never have to worry about the quality of work that will be performed at your home and whether or not third-party companies will be hired to complete the necessary work.

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Our company operates in areas throughout Yorkshire; call us if you live in Harrogate, Wetherby, Tadcaster, Thirsk, York, Ripon, and Northallerton. We don’t only provide dry rot repair in Thirsk but we also operate in surrounding areas.

As your local dry rot specialists in Thirsk, we work hard to make sure that your home will be safe for years to come. No matter if you already know that you have a dry rot or damp problem in your home or simply suspect that you have an issue, our professionals at North Yorkshire Remedials are here to help. Calling us for the care that you need is the best way to ensure the safety and good health of your family.

Create a better basement

Create a better basement

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