Avoid wet rot damage

Wet rot treatment throughout Ripon

Wet rot is not as severe a problem as dry rot. However, it is more common and still has the potential to cause major problems for your property. North Yorkshire Remedials provide expert wet rot treatment services throughout Ripon and Yorkshire. Our team can identify affected areas and provide lasting wet rot repair solutions. With our surveyor’s 35 years of experience in the industry, you can rely on North Yorkshire Remedials to get the job done right.

Your wood rot repair team

Left untreated, wet rot can quickly cause major damage to a property. North Yorkshire Remedials wood rot repair team can find the source of the problem, stop it and prevent future occurrences.

wood rot repair - North Yorkshire Remedials

We can deal with wet rot

If you have wet rot, then contact North Yorkshire Remedials. We can provide lasting wet rot treatments that will get rid of the problem once and for all.

What is wet rot?

Wet rot occurs when a timber area is exposed to moisture and damp for an extended period. This causes a fungus to develop which will result in the timber losing its rigidity. North Yorkshire Remedials can help you to identify problem areas and provide effective wet rot treatment. Signs of wet rot include:

  • Cracks in timber
  • Fungus or mould growth
  • Discolouration in timber
  • Damp, stale odours

Stop the rot with our experts

Talk to us for effective wet rot treatments.