Stop woodworm fast

Ripon’s trusted woodworm treatment team

Woodworm infestations are common in homes throughout Yorkshire. Without professional assistance to remove them, woodworm can quickly spread to other areas in your home, eventually causing major structural issues. North Yorkshire Remedials in Ripon provides effective woodworm treatment services to both domestic and commercial customers. Our team can repair affected areas and stop infestations from spreading further.

Total timber treatment services

Woodworm infestations can spread quickly and cause significant damage to your property. North Yorkshire Remedials can remove woodworm and stop them from ever coming back with our timber treatment services.

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Do you have woodworm?

Are you worried about woodworm? By using the most modern woodworm treatments, North Yorkshire Remedials can stop woodworm from damaging your home and will help prevent further infestations.

worm damage and holes

Prevent problems and stop infestations

Often, it can be difficult to spot a woodworm infestation straight away. Contact the experts at North Yorkshire Remedials in Ripon if your home has the following signs:

  • Small round holes in wooden areas
  • Crumbling edges on boards and joists
  • Fine dust or debris near wooden furniture

Wage war on woodworm

Call us for effective woodworm treatments.